For Good People with Bad Credit Scores!

Loan Approvals Based on Verified Income - Not Credit Scores

Here's how it works:

The Club Auto Credit program is a unique and improved way to buy a used car as compared to a typical car dealership transaction. Here are the differences:

  1. The first major difference is your credit score does not matter and does not play a role in the car loan approval process. The main qualification for approval is your verifiable income and proof of residency.
  2. The second major difference is that your choice of a specific car is very limited. Unlike the traditional shopping methods, the finance company will only approve one or two vehicles for you. Many factors come into play; the car must have a specific ratio of blue book value to current market value. The vehicle must have acceptable miles, condition, and be certifiable. It must be affordable for you based on your income, down payment, weekly payment and term of the loan. A multitude of combined factors reduce down to a very small number of vehicles that the bank will actually finance for you.
  3. The way to envision the limited vehicle choice is this: just think of renting a car. When renting a car, most people make a reservation for a type and category of car given how much they can afford. When they arrive at the rental agency, they are given a car that fits their needs. The Club Auto Credit program is very similar. Club Auto will qualify you based on a category of car (sedan, SUV, minivan, work truck) and affordability - (based on your income - how much down payment, weekly payment, and how long the term of the loan). The combination of the vehicle category and affordability will dictate the car. The majority of loans are between 1 and 3 years.
  4. All cars are inspected and certified as safe for the road and certified as reliable transportation. However, they are not perfect - they are used cars with some dings and scratches and a few minor imperfections. But they are safe and reliable and will provide you with solid transportation until you get your credit re-established. You can't be too fussy. This program is designed to give you reliable and affordable transportation. Like the old expression says: You can't expect "champagne" on a "beer" budget. But you will get the best "beer" possible!!

Paperwork we need:

Here are the documents you will need to provide us:

  • 2 recent paystubs verifying your income
  • Proof of residency - copy of a utility bill or bank statement.
  • Full Insurance coverage on the car
  • Fax 203-569-6577 or scan and email to: