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About Club Auto Credit

Club Auto Network Membership is like having a personal Automotive Professional - on call - whose one job is to remove the hassle from buying, maintaining and selling your car, eliminate your automotive headaches, and most importantly, to save you money.

Club Auto Credit offers expert advice to our members with bad credit scores on how best to finance a car purchase. We can tailor a finance package to your needs and get the best rates available. We will guide you through the application process and work with lending organizations to be sure that you get the very best car given your circumstances. We specialize in working around bad credit scores and helping you to rebuild your credit rating.

Club Auto Credit has relationships with both subprime finance companies and wholesale dealers to create the best possible deal for our members. We pick from the best finance programs and combine these programs with our network of dealer inventory to find the perfect car for our members.

If you have credit problems, don't be concerned. Club Auto Credit is here to help you get the perfect car with the best financing terms. Additionally, once you are a member, you can use all the valuable services of Club Auto Credit. These include wholesale pricing on bodywork, tires, repairs, and of course cars.

Contact us today and get your free membership and start saving money on all your automotive purchases.